A lot has been going on the past couple of months that have detracted me from my side projects and blog posting. First and foremost has been my job hunt.

"Wait, what?" some might be thinking, "I thought you were pleased as punch to be an STG company man."

Well, I have been and for the most part still am, but nothing lasts forever. Believe me, I’d be happy to stay put at my current gig, but I have decided to relocate to the Lexington, Kentucky area for family reasons. Given the difference in the software development job market between Salt Lake City and Lexington, this is quite a commitment to be making. There just aren’t as many opportunities out there. But that also means the talent pool is smaller, and I have a great opportunity to really try to stand out.

So yes, I’m looking for direct-hire or long-term contract employment in and around Lexington and Frankfort, Kentucky. Maybe if things don’t pan out by early next year, I might consider Louisville then. STG is trying to find client work out that way for me, but I’m definitely exploring opportunities on my own as well.

To support my job hunt, I’ve updated my timschreiber.com website with my latest résumé and contact form. So, go check it out!

Finally, if you or anyone you know has any leads in Kentucky, pass them on! If you don’t have my e-mail address, you can always use my contact form at timschreiber.com/contact.aspx. Thanks!