Senior .NET Developer/Architect with expertise in enterprise application development using C#, ASP.NET (MVC & Web Forms), WCF, Entity Framework, SQL Server, Agile, and more. Proficient in object-oriented design and application architecture. Excellent direct-hire or contract candidate for organizations seeking a technically proficient, team-oriented, creative software professional with strong interpersonal skills.


Launguages & Tools
C# ASP.NET MVC HTML5 Javascript JQuery Bootstrap WCF MS Unity TFS Web Forms Angular Windows Forms SVN
Databases & Tools
SQL Server MySQL Entity Framework ADO.NET Oracle NHibernate
Methodologies & Practices
Agile SOLID Domain Driven Design Object-Oriented Design Patterns Test Driven Development (TDD) Extreme Programming (XP) Continuous Integration Rapid Delivery


  • Evaluated application architectures, made suggestions, and led refactoring efforts to solve problems by applying enterprise application design patterns including Domain Driven Design, Object-Relational Mapping (ORM), Repository and Unit of Work patterns, Inversion of Control (IoC), separation of concerns, and proper layering and solution structure. Used the same techniques to architect new application projects as well.
  • Consulted with product stakeholders, analyzed business processes, modeled complex business domains into Classes, Responsibilities, and Collaborators (CRC), and implemented rich domain models from the designs.
  • Performed Agile project management duties by gathering requirements, writing and prioritizing user stories, estimating tasks, and conducting sprint meetings including planning, reviews, retrospectives, and daily stand-ups.
  • Built and led large and small teams throughout all phases of the software development lifecycle, regularly delivering production-quality code on time and on budget.
  • Researched, evaluated, and selected frameworks and tools for specific project technology stacks and mentored team members on the technologies, patterns, and practices in use.


NIC Kentucky (Tyler Technologies)

Software Architect
Jun 2021 to Present
  • Defined the development technology stack and best practices, including design patterns and coding standards.
  • Mentored all developers on Agile principles and practices, design patterns, and development technologies.
  • Explored technologies, built proof-of-concept applications, and created reference application architectures.
Senior Software Developer
Jul 2016 to Jun 2021
  • Architect and lead developer on a single sign-on and access control system for multiple applications and APIs.
  • Maintenance and new feature development for a payment processing framework.
  • Maintenance of other applications as required.


Senior .NET Engineer — Specialist
Jan 2016 to Jul 2016
  • Maintained and developed new features for a mature credit card/ACH payment application.
  • Provided technological leadership for development team. Conducted code reviews and oversaw production deployments.
  • Provided Agile process leadership. Helped team members make workload commitments based on more accurate estimates to reduce velocity variance and improve planning.

Software Information Systems

Senior Software Consultant
Kentucky Administrative Office of the Courts
Lead Software Developer
Feb 2015 to Dec 2015
  • Led a team of 9 developers developing the eCourts suite of applications for electronic filing, workflow, and public access of all court cases in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
  • Collaborated with product owners and business analysts to gather requirements and to create and prioritize user stories.
  • Conducted Agile ceremonies including iteration planning, daily stand-ups, and retrospective meetings. Reported iteration status to management and product owners.
  • Mentored development team members and assisted them with development tasks as needed.
Senior Software Developer/Architect
Feb 2014 to Feb 2015
  • Developed a custom application to integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Visual Business Suite back office.
  • Defined the technology stack and designed the cloud network and application architectures for the project.
  • Gathered requirements, created and prioritized user stories, developed the product, and reported progress to product owners.
Senior Software Consultant
Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS)
Lead Software Developer
Nov 2013 to Feb 2014
  • Led the adoption of Visual Studio Team Servcies for source control and work item tracking, and provided training to the development team.
  • Configured SharePoint to crawl all KCTCS sites and used SharePoint search XML to power search functionality for all KCTCS websites.
  • Worked through a large backlog of long neglected bugs and deficiencies across all KCTCS websites.
Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services
Lead Software Developer
Oct 2012 to Nov 2013
  • Led a team of 5 developers maintaining and enhancing the Kentucky All Schedule Prescription Electronic Reporting (KASPER) prescription monitoring program.
  • Planned and oversaw database migration from Oracle to SQL Server and coordinated the efforts of the development team, in house DBAs, and multiple third party contractors.
  • Designed and led development of enhancements resulting in an order of magnitude performance improvement required for increased load mandated by legislation.
  • Improved collaboration between the development team and product owner by improving communication, formalized requirements gathering and issue tracking, and engaging the stakeholders.

Software Technology Group

Senior Software Consultant
Rio Tinto Group
Senior Software Developer/Architect
Aug 2012 to Oct 2012
  • Developed in-house business process applications for multinational natural resources corporation.
  • Mentored team members in design patterns and created a reference architecture for new projects.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Senior Software Developer/Architect
Aug 2011 to Aug 2012
  • Led a re-architecture effort of a crowdsourced translation software project and introduced SOLID principles and design patterns, which resulted in better performence, increased test coverage, improved stability, and easier maintenance and enhancement.
  • Mentored team members on principles, patterns, practices, and technologies used in the application.
Law Offices of Kirk A. Cullimore
Lead Software Developer/Architect
Dec 2010 to Aug 2011
  • Performed business analysis, project management, architecture, and lead developer duties for a legal workflow/process management application.
  • Delivered the project ahead of schedule and under budget.
Healthcare Insight
Software Architect
Oct 2010 to Dec 2010
  • Evaluated existing applications and recommended changes to solve development and performance problems.
  • Mentored the development team in Agile principles, best practices, design patterns, and specific technologies used in the application improvements.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Lead Software Developer
Jul 2008 to Oct 2010
  • Developed kep parts of a large enterprise business process/workflow management application for finance, treasurey, and legal counsel users.
  • Led one of three development teams and collaborated with other team leads over project management concerns.
Utah Department of Health
Lead Software Developer
Mar 2008 to Jul 2008
  • Developed an application to synchronize data between the federal government CAREWare application and in-house applications for the HIV/AIDS Treatment and Care Program.
  • Analyzed the undocumented CAREWare API and reverse engineered client tools to determine how to interact with the system programmatically.
Senior Software Developer
Jul 2007 to Feb 2008
  • Improved team development of custom applications for real estate marketing by introducing design patterns, unit testing, and CI/CD.
A La Mode
Senior Software Developer
Jan 2007 to Jul 2007
  • Developed key pieces of a Windoews Forms real estate appraisal application.
  • Built out a declarative XML-based scripting language to define visual elements, perform calculations, and handle interactive functionality.
  • Wrote data conversion utilities to migrate legacy form script to the new format.
StayWell Interactive
Senior Software Developer
Jul 2006 - Jan 2007
  • Implemented multiple health risk assessment portals built on a propriety framework, with up to 40 concurrent implementation projects at any given time.
  • Enhanced and maintened the health risk assessment framework and provided custom development for clients as required.

McCann Erickson

Senior Software Developer
Jul 2005 to Jul 2006

Equis International

Web Developer
Oct 2001 to Dec 2004


Software Engineer
Nov 2000 to Sep 2001

Portal Communities Inc.

Co-Founder, Software Developer
Sep 1999 to Oct 2000

Viewpoint Digital

Web Developer
Feb 1999 to Sep 1999

Blatter, Fielding & Hansen

Webmaster & Network Administrator
Sep 1997 to Feb 1999

Network Publishing

HTML Developer
May 1997 to Sep 1997

Professional Community

User Groups
Louisville .NET Meetup, Utah .NET User Group, Utah Software Craftsmanship Group


University of Phoenix
Information Technology Management
Utah Valley University
Information Systems
Brigham Young University
General Education