I love coding. Seriously, I can't believe they pay me to do it. I started programming at age eight and sold my first program when I was 13. Over the years, I've funneled that passion into a successful career, crafting beautiful web applications for enterprises, small businesses, and everything in between.

Right now, I'm a Senior Software Developer with Kentucky.gov, a subsidiary of NIC. Previously, I did a short stint at ZirMed in Louisville, KY. Before that, I was a Senior .NET Consultant with Software Information Systems (SIS) in Lexington, KY. Over my many years of experience, I have had the pleasure of working for — and learning from — a number of great companies in a variety of industries. My relevant work history is available on my résumé.

I also have a few side projects I work on. I am currently building a content management system for power sports dealer websites (I have a family connection to the industry). Previously, I worked on an audio-based tinnitus therapy website. And much earlier in my career, I created a local search and advertising website that focused on sub-metropolitan areas that other companies, like CitySearch, did not serve at the time. My partners and I saw quite a bit of success in a number of markets before we fell victim to the .COM bubble in 2000.

I would not be where I am today were it not for some amazing teachers and mentors along the way. Today, I strive to be a teacher and mentor for the next generation of programmers. Most of my effort along those lines occurs directly within my development teams and personal network. But occasionally, I find time to write a blog article that other developers find helpful. I also enjoy presenting topics at user groups.

Aside from code, I'm a husband, father, backyard barbeque pitmaster, amateur songwriter, and novice gardener.

Timothy P. Schreiber