Demo Track Sampler

13-May-2017  | 

One of my earlist bucket list items is to release an album. I'm checking that one off my list. Have a listen to the first five demo tracks!

I'm an All Around NIC Guy

29-Jul-2016  | 

I'm now working for Kentucky Interactive, a wholly owned subsidiary of NIC. Kentucky Interactive operates as a collaborative effort with the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Profanity and Professionalism

19-Jul-2016  | 

I never really worried about profanity in the workplace until I worked for a company that didn't just allow profanity in the office, but actually seemed to embrace it as part of the culture.

How to Save Windows Spotlight Lockscreen Images

15-Feb-2016  | 

Ever seen a Spotlight image on your Windows 10 lockscreen and thought, I really want to make that my desktop background? There is a way...

A Quantum Powerball Quick Pick Generator

11-Jan-2016  | 

Powerball quick picks: are they truly random? Mine and others' observations say no. But thanks to the science of Quantum mechanics, it's now possible to generate truly random picks.

Und Zen I Vas a ZirMan

06-Jan-2016  | 

As you may already know, my last day with Software Information Systems (SIS) was 31-Dec-2015. It was a big decision for me, and a number of factors went into it....

Persistence-Ignorant ASP.NET Identity with Patterns (Part 4)

28-Jan-2015  | 

Diving straight into the guts of ASP.NET Identity, hooking everything up in Unity, and finishing with a fully functional site.

Persistence-Ignorant ASP.NET Identity with Patterns (Part 3)

26-Jan-2015  | 

In this part, we'll move on to the Data Layer, in which we'll code our implementations for our Repositories and Unit of Work.

Persistence-Ignorant ASP.NET Identity with Patterns (Part 2)

25-Jan-2015  | 

Creating the Solution, breaking the EF dependencies, and coding the Domain Layer (Entities and Repository and Unit of Work interfaces).

Local/Web Font Conflict in Chrome

20-Jan-2015  | 

Well, you're reading this, which means you're looking at my newer, leaner, better personal site/blog. I spent a couple nights learning Pretzel/Jekyll, putting the layout together, and converting my old WordPress posts. So when...

Farewell WordPress, Hello Pretzel!

19-Jan-2015  | 

For the past couple years, I've been running this website using WordPress on GoDaddy hosting. But since it's such a simplistic site, I've begun questioning why. Is dealing with the plug-ins and updates really worth the few pages and handful of posts I have up...

Persistence-Ignorant ASP.NET Identity with Patterns (Part 1)

14-Jan-2015  | 

ASP.NET Identity the membership system for ASP.NET. Out of the box, it has quite a few shortcomings. Let's fix it.

Original Music: Collide

08-May-2014  | 

I wrote the lyrics in 2009, wrote the music between 2010 and 2013, and recorded it in my home studio (if you can call it that) in April to May 2014.

Beware the StackOverlords!

30-Oct-2013  | 

I used to think StackOverflow was awesome — until I realized it's ruled by self-important overlords who ruthlessly wield their elevated privileges against newbie scum who dare enter their Q&A empire.

You Keep Writing That Code. I Do Not Think It Does What You Think It Does.

14-Oct-2013  | 

Good for you that you used a StringBuilder. But you completely missed the point of using a StringBuilder. Even worse that you're concatenating SQL like this...

Things You Should (Almost) Never Do, Part I

29-Jul-2013  | 

I've been thinking about whether there's at which a project has accrued enough technical debt that it just makes sense to cut your losses and start over.

Welcome to my New, Improved Whatever-This-Is

28-Jul-2013  | 

Welcome to the brand spankin' new I've been using WordPress for some side projects lately and decided it was a great time to consolidate my blog and résumé sites into one. Not a lot has changed in terms of...

Things Are A-Changin'

14-Aug-2012  | 

Holy crap, I found my blog again. A lot has been going on the past couple of months that have detracted me from my side projects and blog posting. First and foremost has been my job hunt. "Wait, what?" some...

Dear Recruiters

12-Aug-2012  | 

You will be much more successful if you simply put a little effort into your job and stop pissing people off. Here are some ideas: If you are recruiting candidates who reside in the United States for positions located in...

Randori: Group Practice

07-Apr-2012  | 

Randori is a term borrowed from Japanese martial arts that describes freestyle, team-oriented coding practice; as opposed to the structured, individual exercise of kata.